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  • A rose that never dies 

    50.00 Lei ( € 11.00 )
    A red rose that it's guaranted to last 5 years.
  • Immaculate 

    85.00 Lei ( € 18.70 )
    An immaculate white offered by one everlasting rose, accentuated by green leaves. The rose lasts at least 5 years.
    The vase can vary depending on the stock.
  • Just because 

    116.00 Lei ( € 25.52 )
    A bouquet offered only for the pleasure of giving. Ready for delivery in Constanta. A bouquet made of 7 red roses
  • 1 of 11 

    135.00 Lei ( € 29.70 )
    The white rose is surrounded by 10 beautiful red roses, which are a great way to cheer on loved ones. Simplicity of the bouquet brings with it fresh fragrance, a good thought and unforgettable remembrance. Flowers in is with you and help you make a surprise to the loved ones.
  • White new age 

    141.00 Lei ( € 31.02 )
    A fascinating floral arrangement made in a square glass vase from 9 white roses.
  • 11 thoughts of love 

    150.00 Lei ( € 33.00 )
    You love and yo want to be heared? The 11 red roses will send the same thoughts of love to your sweetie. Offer them to her so that SHE will feel closer, so that SHE will know that SHE is a part of your thoughts.

    Depending on our stock, vase may vary.
  • New age 

    150.00 Lei ( € 33.00 )
    Modern arrangement in vase, with stones and 9 roses, ready for delivery in Constanta.
  • Crimson 

    150.00 Lei ( € 33.00 )
    15 crimson rosses bouquet will describe your love in the nicest way.
  • 15 yellow roses 

    155.00 Lei ( € 34.10 )
    A fascinating bouquet of 15 yellow roses.Send this bouquet of roses with the help of our online flowershop Flori in .
  • 15 white roses 

    155.00 Lei ( € 34.10 )
    15 white roses with free delivery in Constanta.
  • Little heart 

    156.00 Lei ( € 34.32 )
    Offer her your heart! A floral arrangement made from 9 red roses and lots of green.
  • Round 

    176.00 Lei ( € 38.72 )
    A round bouquet made from 19 roses.
  • 17 love kisses 

    176.00 Lei ( € 38.72 )
    Do you miss her when she is not arround? You miss her her after you just left and you can't think of anything else but your special moments? With the help of this arrangement of 17 red roses and with a proper message, you will make her understand that she is everything to you.
  • 5 undying roses 

    180.00 Lei ( € 39.60 )
    5 natural roses, preserved.

    The roses will last over 5 years.
  • Princess 

    257.00 Lei ( € 56.54 )
    This beautiful bouquet made of 23 white roses will sure attract admiration, whether it is placed on a desk or the table of the loved one. The most important woman in your life deserves to feel loved, appreciated, supported and desired. "Princess" will make her feel like a little Princess, as every woman deserves! Flori in is with you and help's you to surprise your loved person.

    Vase can vary depending on existing stock.
  • Pure love 

    260.00 Lei ( € 57.20 )
    Do you feel that your love is unic, wonderful and breath taking? Only with her you are you and only her matters. Show her your thought by giving to her the 23 bouquet of red roses. Your feelings will be rewarded and apreciated.