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Vase flowers

Vase flowers from Flori in Constanta

  • Waves 

    80.00 Lei ( € 17.60 )
    A floral arrangement in a vase made from 5 pink roses.
  • 11 gerberas  

    81.00 Lei ( € 17.82 )
    11 gerberas in vase.
    Free delivery in Constanta.
    The vase may vary according to the stock.
  • Lisianthus in a vase 

    91.00 Lei ( € 20.02 )
    A bunch of 7 lisianthus in a vase.
  • White chrysantemums 

    103.00 Lei ( € 22.66 )
    Our online flower shop helps you make a surprise. Send this beautiful bouquet made of 7 white chrysantemums in a vase with same day delivery.
  • Simplicity 

    110.00 Lei ( € 24.20 )
    It's hard to express everything using words. This bouquet of 3 white roses and 4 alstroemerias will help you make things easier. This bouquet carefully trimed up in a glass vase will surelly make an impression.
  • Bamboo 

    130.00 Lei ( € 28.60 )
    Three bamboo flowers with decorative stones in a glass vase.

    Ornamental bamboos which can be kept in a vase with water, or planted in a pot. Water-loving plant, is not picky. Online flowershop Flori in will help you to make a wonderful surprise to you loved ones.
    3 bamboos placed among the decorative stones in a glass vase.
  • 17 gerberas in two colours 

    139.00 Lei ( € 30.58 )
    A bunch of 17 gerberas in two colours, in a glass vase, offered by our online flowershop Flori in .

    The vase may vary accourding to the stock.
  • Mixture of colors 

    142.00 Lei ( € 31.24 )
    A mixture of life, youth, beauty and elegance in a single bouquet, vivid coloured made of 5 crysanthemums, 5 alstroemerias, 5 carnations and 2 static flowers, in different colours.
    The vase can vary depending on our stock.

  • 11 thoughts of love 

    145.00 Lei ( € 31.90 )
    You love and yo want to be heared? The 11 red roses will send the same thoughts of love to your sweetie. Offer them to her so that SHE will feel closer, so that SHE will know that SHE is a part of your thoughts.

    Depending on our stock, vase may vary.
  • 11 yellow roses 

    146.00 Lei ( € 32.12 )
    Yellow is not just the color of jealousy. Is a color of warmth which impress every time. Send this bouquet of 11 yellow roses in glass vase through our online floristshop Flori in
  • White lillies 

    149.00 Lei ( € 32.78 )
    A bouquet made of 3 white lilies in a glass vase.
  • New age 

    150.00 Lei ( € 33.00 )
    Modern arrangement in vase, with stones and 9 roses, ready for delivery in Constanta.
  • Pink lilies 

    176.00 Lei ( € 38.72 )
    7 pink lilies in a vase.
  • Splendor 

    176.00 Lei ( € 38.72 )
    Send this gorgeous bouquet of 7 colored lilies in glass vase to those you care, to surprise them, no matter the occasion. Online floristshop Flori in Costanta .ro will deliver anywhere for you.

    The glass vase can vary depending on existing stock.
  • I love you 

    190.00 Lei ( € 41.80 )
    Yes, you love her and you want everybody to know it. Give her this gorgeus arrangement of 15 red roses, carrefully wraped in a big red bow and placed in the right vase. The red roses are the symbol of love and will help you show you nobile feelings. I love you is the arrangement which will definitely impress.
  • Multicolor 

    201.00 Lei ( € 44.22 )
    A floral arrangemet made of different flowers of different colours from Flori in Constanta .ro, with same day delivery. This floral arrangement is made of 3 lilies, 3 chrysantemums and 7 roses.