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Intre 201 si 300 lei

Intre 201 si 300 lei from Flori in Constanta

  • 3 colours tulips 

    205.00 Lei ( € 45.10 )
    Tulips bring, by their simplity, a drop of warmth and a wonderful feel of spring. Offer to the loved one this colored arangement and the feelings will be truthfully apreciated.
  • Bunch of lilies 

    212.00 Lei ( € 46.64 )
    Send happiness with orange lilies. 9 lilies.
  • 19 white roses in a basket 

    213.00 Lei ( € 46.86 )
    True feelings of love are passed by this gorgeous arrangement of 19 white roses in basket. For an unforgettable moment, online flowershop Flori in will deliver it anywhere you want, at the office or at home.

    The basket can vary accourding to the stock.
  • Multicolor 

    242.00 Lei ( € 53.24 )
    A floral arrangemet made of different flowers of different colours from Flori in Constanta .ro, with same day delivery. This floral arrangement is made of 3 lilies, 3 chrysantemums and 7 roses.
  • 15 yellow roses 

    245.00 Lei ( € 53.90 )
    A fascinating bouquet of 15 yellow roses.Send this bouquet of roses with the help of our online flowershop Flori in .
  • I love you 

    265.00 Lei ( € 58.30 )
    Yes, you love her and you want everybody to know it. Give her this gorgeus arrangement of 15 red roses, carrefully wraped in a big red bow and placed in the right vase. The red roses are the symbol of love and will help you show you nobile feelings. I love you is the arrangement which will definitely impress.
  • Happiness 

    277.00 Lei ( € 60.94 )
    It is said that "the happines is in fact the road to her". By giving this bouquet made from 31 tulips you make sure that the road will be shorter.
    The arangement in a vase represents the ideal way to ilustrate to the loved one that she makes you happy.
  • Round 

    290.00 Lei ( € 63.80 )
    A round bouquet made from 19 roses.