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Intre 201 si 300 lei

Intre 201 si 300 lei from Flori in Constanta

  • Pure love 

    260.00 Lei ( € 57.20 )
    Do you feel that your love is unic, wonderful and breath taking? Only with her you are you and only her matters. Show her your thought by giving to her the 23 bouquet of red roses. Your feelings will be rewarded and apreciated.
  • Princess 

    280.00 Lei ( € 61.60 )
    This beautiful bouquet made of 23 white roses will sure attract admiration, whether it is placed on a desk or the table of the loved one. The most important woman in your life deserves to feel loved, appreciated, supported and desired. "Princess" will make her feel like a little Princess, as every woman deserves! Flori in is with you and help's you to surprise your loved person.

    Vase can vary depending on existing stock.
  • True feelings 

    280.00 Lei ( € 61.60 )
    A bouquet made from 27 white roses.
  • Violet 

    292.00 Lei ( € 64.24 )
    A violet toned bouchet from roses and lisianthus in shades of white, pink and purple.
  • White land 

    295.00 Lei ( € 64.90 )
    A bouquet consisting of 3 white lilies and 16 white roses in a vase.
    The vase may vary depending on the available stock.
  • 27 red roses 

    300.00 Lei ( € 66.00 )
    Bouquet made of 27 red roses, in glass vase, offered by our online flowershop Flori in .

    Regarding our stock, the vase may be different.
  • 5 undying roses 

    340.00 Lei ( € 74.80 )
    5 natural roses, preserved.

    The roses will last over 5 years.