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Intre 101 si 200 lei

Intre 101 si 200 lei from Flori in Constanta

  • 11 yellow roses 

    146.00 Lei ( € 32.12 )
    Yellow is not just the color of jealousy. Is a color of warmth which impress every time. Send this bouquet of 11 yellow roses in glass vase through our online floristshop Flori in
  • 15 yellow roses 

    165.00 Lei ( € 36.30 )
    A fascinating bouquet of 15 yellow roses.Send this bouquet of roses with the help of our online flowershop Flori in .
  • 7 white lilies 

    175.00 Lei ( € 38.50 )
    A bunch of 7 white lilies.
  • Splendor 

    176.00 Lei ( € 38.72 )
    Send this gorgeous bouquet of 7 colored lilies in glass vase to those you care, to surprise them, no matter the occasion. Online floristshop Flori in Costanta .ro will deliver anywhere for you.

    The glass vase can vary depending on existing stock.
  • Sophistication 

    182.00 Lei ( € 40.04 )
    A sophisticated bouquet made of 2 lilies and 7 roses to brighten someone's day from Flori in Constanta .ro, with same day delivery.
  • I love you 

    190.00 Lei ( € 41.80 )
    Yes, you love her and you want everybody to know it. Give her this gorgeus arrangement of 15 red roses, carrefully wraped in a big red bow and placed in the right vase. The red roses are the symbol of love and will help you show you nobile feelings. I love you is the arrangement which will definitely impress.
  • 27 multicoloured gerberas 

    191.00 Lei ( € 42.02 )
    A bouquet made of 27 multicolored gerbera in a glass vase, which will be loved by all. Be the one who brings joy to the loved ones with the help of our online floristshop Flori in

    Vase can vary depending on current stock.
  • Round 

    195.00 Lei ( € 42.90 )
    A round bouquet made from 19 roses.