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Intre 101 si 200 lei

Intre 101 si 200 lei from Flori in Constanta

  • Cutie cadou  

    105.00 Lei ( € 23.10 )
    Cea mai frumoasa surpriza pe care o poti face persoanelor dragi! Cutia cadou se livreaza impachetata cu grija si legata cu o funda.
  • Shades of purple  

    114.00 Lei ( € 25.08 )
    A bouquet of flowers offered to bring heat in the heart. Make someone's day more beautiful. Made of: 5 roses, 4 lisianthus and 4 chrysanthemums from Flori in Constanta .ro, with same day delivery.
  • Just because 

    115.00 Lei ( € 25.30 )
    A bouquet offered only for the pleasure of giving. Ready for delivery in Constanta. A bouquet made of 7 red roses
  • 15 red gerberas 

    117.00 Lei ( € 25.74 )
    15 red gerberas from Flori in Constanta .ro
  • Colier cu pandantiv blue&white 

    120.00 Lei ( € 26.40 )
    Pandantiv din otel inoxidabil, sticla si floari naturale "Daucus carota".
    Otelul inoxidabil este un material de calitate si rezista foarte bine in timp. Acesta nu se inchide la culoare, nu lasa urme pe piele sau haine si nu contine nichel.

    Dimensiunea pandantivului este de 25mm. Acesta contine flori naturale care difera de la un pandantiv la altul.

    La turnarea pandantivului este posibil sa ramana mici bule de aer in interior deoarece acesta este realizat manual. Aceste bule nu pot fi controlate si nu prezinta un defect al produsului.
    Lungime lant: 50 cm.

    Livrari de flori deosebite si cadouri originale in Constanta prin Flori in Constanta - florarie online!
  • Colier cu pandantiv floarea soarelui 

    120.00 Lei ( € 26.40 )
    Pandantiv lucrat manual din sticla ce are in componenta o mini floarea soarelui.

    Livrari de flori deosebite si cadouri originale in Constanta prin Flori in Constanta - florarie online!
  • Wonderful passion 

    124.00 Lei ( € 27.28 )
    A bouquet made from 6 red roses and 1 white rose to express your passion for your loved one. Ready for delivery in Constanta!
  • A rose that never dies 

    125.00 Lei ( € 27.50 )
    A red rose that it's guaranted to last 5 years.
  • Brightness 

    126.00 Lei ( € 27.72 )
    Simplicity and refinement predominates. A bouquet of 4 roses, 4 alstroemerias and 4 crysantenums in pale colours from Flori in Constanta .ro, with two hours delivery.
  • Sunshine 

    128.00 Lei ( € 28.16 )
    This bouquet will bring in the home of loved ones only joy and sunshine. A bouquet from Flori in Constanta .ro, with two hours delivery made of 3 chrysanthemums, 3 gerbera and 3 roses.
  • Revelation 

    131.00 Lei ( € 28.82 )
    An impressive bouquet of lovely flowers. Send this bouquet to your loved ones and make them smile.
  • Overtones 

    133.00 Lei ( € 29.26 )
    A coloured bouquet from 10 roses and 5 alstromerias which will impress through its elegance from Flori in Constanta .ro, with two hours delivery.
  • Field flowers 

    136.00 Lei ( € 29.92 )
    An assorted bouquet of 15 flowers of all color range. Make a surprise to your beloved with this bouquet from Flori in Constanta .ro, with same day delivery. It contains 4 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums, 6 gerberas and 3 carnations.
  • 11 multicolored roses 

    138.00 Lei ( € 30.36 )
    The various colored roses will make your loved one to see life in color. The contrasting colours found in this gorgeus bouquet will be on every womens taste.Online flowershop Flori in will help you to convey your feelings loved.
  • 17 gerberas in two colours 

    139.00 Lei ( € 30.58 )
    A bunch of 17 gerberas in two colours, in a glass vase, offered by our online flowershop Flori in .

    The vase may vary accourding to the stock.
  • 1 of 11 

    141.00 Lei ( € 31.02 )
    The white rose is surrounded by 10 beautiful red roses, which are a great way to cheer on loved ones. Simplicity of the bouquet brings with it fresh fragrance, a good thought and unforgettable remembrance. Flowers in is with you and help you make a surprise to the loved ones.