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It is said that "the happines is in fact the road to her". By giving this bouquet made from 31 tulips you make sure that the road will be shorter.
The arangement in a vase represents the ideal way to ilustrate to the loved one that she makes you happy.
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Price: 277.00 Lei  ( € 60.94 )
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  • 3 colours tulips 

    205.00 Lei ( € 45.10 )
    Lalelele aduc, prin simplitatea lor un strop de caldura si un minunat iz de primavara. Ofera persoanei iubite acest aranjament din 29 de lalele colorate iar sentimentele tale vor fi pe deplin apreciate.
  • Something else 

    75.00 Lei ( € 16.50 )
    Acest superb aranjament din 15 lalele rosii va infrumuseta incaperea si va face ziua mai frumoasa destinatarei. Floraria online Flori in te ajuta sa-ti exprimi sentimentele si sa faci o bucurie trimitand persoanelor dragi acest aranjament.
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